Monday, January 9, 2012

I took 302 Photos in CA!

Hubsy and I visited Blondie and the 'Pearl in South Pasadena; supposedly the kids were on break from school, but grad students don't get real "breaks". Pearl's portfolio was due, along with several other important assignments. On top of that she decided to bind it (herself) into the necessary book-format. After all was said and done, she photographed the book.

A great photo of the adorable and happy little couple the first morning there.

South Pasadena mixed-blessing: apparently, many years ago, a local pet shop burned and the ancestors of this parrot were set free for their survival in the blaze. The birds indeed survived and thrived so that now there are good sized flocks of big colorful parrots all over town. It's like a built-in alarm clock when morning comes and the hungry birds make loud, raucus squawks as they find their breakfast. The oranges and lemon were ripe; that was a great sight!

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