Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Manhattan Beach CA...

The Pacific waves were strong that day, the sound of water smashing and crashing, mixed with the fizzy noise of a trillion tiny bubbles bursting...and it was cool out on the pier....

Nice French Braid there, girl.   FlowerGirl could do that with Mom's help...I could too, except french braiding and grey-steaked hair?

 Pearl usually orders a salad with chicken on top; what will she find today?  At the table to our right, out of camera range, sat a blonde lady we all (except Hubs') thought looked like a familiar blonde actress....and the little girl just ranged around the restaurant, adding to the cuteness....To our left was a long table full of "Real Housewive's"-like ladies, trying to outshine one another. California is a theatre even without the show business.

      yes, it's a fenceline....I was put off by the startling brightness of the CA winter afternoon sun...

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Haha--another kind of mask

One of our home grown potatoes seemed to smile at me as it was readied for cook pot.