Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walking on the Creepy Side....

So. California is not all mansions, mercedes and mellow merlot; I don't mind including some--above, it looks like a hapless homeowner's effort to keep the hillside from sliding out from under the house--that's the damn biggest piece of blue tarp I've seen so far. I wonder if it works. Maybe, too, it's just a big slip 'n slide for the kids.

Good Grief! What a horrible place to play! How did they get in? How would they get out in the (unlikely today) event of flash flood? There was a small dog (theirs, maybe) running up and down the canal, yipping plaintively. Now, Our Pearl is a young lady you favors small dogs (and wants a purse puppy real bad); this scene was not making her happy. There was no apparent way to rescue the pup.

The under side of the freeway bridge. People, there was graffiti in places on these bridges that could only be made by people who could fly.  Massive and impressive old structure, tho. Wonder if it's made to survive a big earthquake?

Peer inside the fence carefully and you will see an empty and derelict Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.

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