Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Scenes From Rodeo Dr. ..01.08.2012

 ...not especially teeming with shoppers and visitors on this cool, pleasant CA winter afternoon....the shadows beginning to lengthen...I'm beginning to regret the closeness of the plane trip that will return us home, so far away from our two dear kids...

 ...the ladies in the group are likely busy shopping in a store while the bored fellows await their return, laden with packages?

...the little girl HAD it for the afternoon and let the whole street know about it! The tired wail of a young child dragged thru one too many shops that day.... and no toys. I did not notice a toy shop on Rodeo Dr...

Ok, what did I learn in CA? I've been reading that colored denim jeans are trendy this year. Unless you are 15, the way to go with this look might be to gravitate to burgundy or a nice deep turquoise?

Daddy's Princess getting the hang of promenading on one of the world's most prestigeous shopping venues. She was adorable, quiet (not tired or hungry yet) and enjoying herself. Our Pearl was inside that Lululemon store finding a nice pair of yoga pants. I had a great time sampling the culture with my camera.

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