Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Dress, the Colors, the Fun...

Pearl was very smart about her gown; with her mom's help, much thought and expertise produced effective use of resources as well as spectacular results. 

 Pearl is a professional designer; knew just what she wanted her dress to look like: that one was priced at about $10K or more.  But she found a dress on the secondary market, with "bones" like the costly one. She carefully instructed the seamstresses on what to delete from the gown you see--the frou-frou hits the dumpster!
 I was invited along to the fittings and took some great photos of "Pearl in Action": fitting, thinking, analyzing, instructing, looking cute while doing all of the above. Her wedding colors were ivory and deep brown: a wide ivory-beige sash encirled her waist in the finished look.

 Flowergirl (in her namesake role) is accompanies by her co-flowergirl, Vera at the actual event. A flower petal frozen forever in mid-air.

Vera's mother, Gale, was Matron of Honor. The dresses were all by the same maker, same color but style best for each lady.   And notice the lovely flower arrangements!

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