Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Something is Terribly Wrong....

Robins are thrushes. They walk and run around on our parks and suburban lawns in warm weather, poking and digging for grubs and worms.   As happens with my collection of local birdfeeder-clients, somebody didn't get the memo. Maybe they get the wrong set of "bird instruction" handbooks, or whatever. This robin has returned to the suet feeder at least once a day for much of the past week. He is not built for the high-wire act. He wobbles and wiggles as he tries to balance while figuring out how to get his beek into the suet and seed below. I don't know whether he understands he should also keep an eye peeled for the marsh-hawk who may attack at any time....

Pathetic and tattered looking "baby" Goldfinches, trying to fledge for the first time into bold, yellow adult male colors. They look like they've been attacked by a weed-wacker.  Why do some people think bird watching is boring?

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