Friday, April 27, 2012

New Views from my Office Window...

For years, we have watched the action at my humble bird-feeder in the suburbs, as I toiled at my desk, phone and computer. For the intermediate, foreseeable future I working on a project in the downtown area of Chicago. Weekend Reflections! Yes.

From the 37th floor of the building I'm in, we can see several landmarks, for example, the Aon Center-or at least, the top 1/3 of it. Looks like a little sister of the lost World Trade Center-twins, doesn't it? Same construction was used.

Just a few blocks away is the Building-Formerly-Known-As The Sears Tower....

 Here's the Actual View from My Actual Window.  That's a Federal CourtHouse with all the black little bee-hive looking windows directly ahead.    hmmm, this could get interesting come the soon-to-occur Nato Summit set to happen in May.

Here is an open-air view of the Chicago Board of Trade Building as shot from our creepy little "back door" entrance to the fire escape. We can go out anytime we want. It would be a great place for the smokers in our office to go grab a cig', except the air intake for our office is just above where I'm standing. Smokers just can't win. The smell of smoke wafts back into the work space; people get crappy.  I don't smoke, but don't make a career out of being offended by people who do--except they should quit for their health, of course.

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