Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting It Out of my System....

I hate "heights": the out-door porch (while it's a fun novelty) gives me bad dreams; so, too chicken to look over the shoulder high wall, I carefully tilted the camera lens down to look over the edge.

From another part of the office, I see one of our famous Chicago roof gardens. With my "zoom" it looks to me as if this may be a typical Chicago "roof" version on a vacant lot?  But still, it's Green, right?

OK, I promise I will act mature enough not to do this again! The "zoom" means I can peek in windows.
Also, I may get close-ups of architectural details I might not be able to see from the ground.

With the "zoom" I can see the top floor of the Federal prison (used for prisoners awaiting trial and so on, at near-by Federal Courthouse.) You can see the lower half of prisoners in the play-yard. having rec. time. Gotta admit, you don't see stuff like this on every blog.

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