Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yellow Stuff Around the Village....

 I wonder about people who select a vibrant, bright color to paint their home; to carry off such a color scheme, it has to be done "right", with proper execution and great maintainence. Seasonal decor helps. This home is even brighter in reality than the photo. "Bright Blue--in Winter"

Oh My Lord...the entire lawn was covered with wild violets and dreaded dandelions!! I cringe to think of the (hired) labor and chemicals it will take to rid this property of this mess! The voilets have tenacious tubers...I know this 'cause I let them get loose in my yard long ago, thinking they were pretty.

Springtime in America: a brilliant colored vintage "muscle" car among the sensible minivans. Attaboy!

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  1. pretty colors of yellow, beautiful views too :-) Dropping by from MYM


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