Sunday, September 9, 2012

Color Jam...and my new world

 A multi-media presentation by Jessica Stockholder covered the intersection of State and Adams in Chicago with splashy color this summer. By last week, when I walked over and shot these photos, the art work was begining to look a bit tired and faded, with traffic, dirt, sun exposure, etc.

The corners of the buildings covered with sheets of colored, heavy vinyl or canvas; the street itself covered in color by means of big adhesive sheets, it appeared. Think "big heavy shelf paper". The light reflecting from the sun off the windows gave interesting effects...


 The building where I am working; far up in the lowest floor of the top-most tier of the Clark and Adams Building, now 85 years old, with lots of decorative detail.

Just "south-east" of the AC unit--that's "my" window. I can't see or hear that utility, but I am glad that it is there. The building is hot when it is not working.

Nice view of the lake, any weather that we have and reflections on nearby glass-sided buildings. But I'm still a country-kid at heart. I'm just borrowing these sites for a while.

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