Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Beauty is on the inside. You can't always tell a book by it's cover. In Beatrice NE

Country Cookin' Restaurant in Beatrice, NE

We live near Chicago; Hubsy's hometown is Manhattan, KS. Beatrice, NE is a good-sized agi-business town along the way.
Usually, we are getting hungry when we pass through, and frustrated, stop at a franchise place before nagging hunger causes an argument.

This time, we asked a few questions at the local donut shop and were advised about is place. It's well hidden, off the main roads, in a residential neighborhood. And really unattractive from the outside, I have to say. If not recommended, we never would have stopped.

It was mid-morning, so not crowded-too late for breakfast, to early for lunch. Wonderful breakfast food! There usual table of solid, mid-west businessmen and farmers, drinking coffee and keeping up on local events.

This year, it seems, all the small town waitresses was pink hair and a number of individualized tats and possibly body piercings. 

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