Sunday, June 19, 2016

Returned Yesterday: A Long-Scheduled Trip to Orlando

American Tragedies: Dangers in Paradise

A bright young lady from our extended family needed a help in situating herself for her second 6-mos. internship at Disney World. It happened that we arrived in Orlando 3 days after the night club shooting and on the evening of the alligator incident at the Grand Floridian Resort.

We stayed at a Marriott that also had a lovely lagoon full of wild creatures. I wondered, that evening, as we explored our resort, "how careful does one have to be about 'gators?" I've never been to Florida before. My answer? stay away from the lagoon's edge. Not that easy for inquisitive toddlers, sadly. And how is a young Dad from Nebraska to suspect this could happen?

The Dangers of Paradise. This photo was taken last Thursday from a monorail: the flags at half-staff and the fateful beach area beyond, all edged in black.

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