Sunday, March 25, 2012

WarPaint! and the "Madonna of the Driveway"

World'sMostSerious Baby and her sister, Alice (who's still in Wonderland) came to visit their G'Parents to help celebrate their Mommy's birthday last week. WMS-Baby was a little under the weather, and thus subdued.  But Alice chalked up the driveway and herself then ran herself silly, up and down the drive, making "wet footprints". Later, I had a chance to speak candidly with her about the relative merits of Culvers Restaurant vs. Steak & Shake (local mid-west US higher quality fast-food). Alice is "fee-and-half" now, likes to have her dinner and "usually a few fwies" and part of a shake. At Culvers, there is "ice-cweam" instead. She told me how "our Culvers (at home) closed, then opened again and looked all diffewent on the inside and the outside!"  "Re-modelled?" I asked. And explained. She registered that, and agreed: that's what they did!

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