Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Blogs Does a Blogsy Read...?

Indeed!  Besides news like the on-line Wall Street Journal and various political and culture blogs that I wouldn't bother about: you have your favorites too; here are a few blogs I really enjoy for entertainment:

My Pink Life Aimee Weaver does a wonderful, warm-hearted crafter life-style blog. A busy young mom, she finds time to consistently turn out beautifully executed furniture-craft and art projects, interlaced with antics of the kids, photographs--and oh, she had a talent for finding fun clothing in thrift shops.

Yankee in Belgrade My favorite photoblog! A long-time American ex-pat who lives in Belgrade has a wonderful talent for catching a moment, swiping a soul, showing the rough beauty of the land. Poignant, too. The lady was widowed suddenly, just a few years ago: I have a feeling the making of the blog and gathering of material may be a method of coping with the loss. Some gorgeous and inspiring photos!

New Vintage Lady My favorite sewing blog. She's wild, wacky, creative, making vintage-style clothing for larger ladies, lives in LA., is banned from the Queen Mary Hotel for snooping around "off-limits"--I did that once, but didn't get caught.

PS family and friends, I'm also not mentioning some of your wonderful blogs for privacy concerns!

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