Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coming up on My First Bloggy-anniversary...

...this time last year, we travelled to Rochester, MN for what turned out to be our last earthly visit with Hubsy's sister Piper of Tamahay. She was comfortably enthroned in a regal hospital bed in a single room at St. Mary's Hospital when we spent a wonderful afternoon with her, talking, laughing, watching her enjoy rich macaroni and cheese, gourmet chocolate that we found for her and a huge lo-fat latte from the coffee bar across the street. (She was encouraged to eat rich, processed foods at that time.)

Her decline from that point was, sadly, quite rapid.

During the drive-time on that trip, I was comtemplating "my blog" (when not thinking of dainty foods to tempt my sister-in-law) "Why Blog?", What's my theme?, What's the purpose? Is there a purpose? Do I write? Photographs? Some of both? Who am I to Blog? Who will care? Do I care who cares? How do I start?

My only answer to uncertainties was Action: to just start. First, I reviewed my favorite recent photos from the garden, a primary interest. I picked one, similar to the one above, wrote a shy little comment and hit "Publish Post".

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