Sunday, August 15, 2010

An Elegant Do-it-Yourself Project...

...a mosaic birdbath specially crafted as a gift for the Gardener Next Door. This is really pretty! A flower pot forms the base and large pottery saucer is the basin.
The maker of the project used a special skill: while she was teaching for a year in Italy awhile back, she took a class in the art of tiling. I love the colors of the terra cotta and blue glass against the greenery and flowers of the garden. Also, I like the look of the bits of tile--like broken china dishes.


  1. Hi Barbara, This would look great in my garden. My grandchildren actually made me mosaic stepping stones for my birthday. (They are craftier than I am!)

  2. I definitely want to learn how to make this. It's a beauty! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this interesting photo
    very nice Birdbath

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  4. very pretty. the colours complement each other perfectly.
    it's also unusual to see the 'tiles' instead of irregular broken pieces.


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