Sunday, September 5, 2010

Listen My Darling and You Shall Hear....

...the Saga of First Meatfest!
With The Women (the FunSpoilers) safely on the Tollway to Cheeseland, The Gardener's Hubsy (he needs a blog-name: PhD, since he is one)and son: PhD-Jr. went out and bought 30 lbs or more of raw meat of every kind available! I'm not sure there were guests invited to First Meatfest, so the plan was to grill and eat the whole thing themselves. Hubsy was likely at Boy Scout Camp with the kids in those days, so it was just me: hearing the excited cries of MeatFest! MeatFest Begins! etc. I may have stepped across the driveway to inquire ("does the Gardener know what's going on here?") but was swiftly sent away! "No Girls Allow'd!!! We must start a Manifesto with the Great Rule: No Girls Allowed!"

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