Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Micah: Future Psych. Major...

...he's the quieter of the Twins, for now. His Dad taught me something I had not known about babies when he told us about their head size and weight vs. body size. As an infant, Micah had a tiny twin-size body vs. a Great Pumpkin of a head. So the poor little tyke's spent the last year trying to figure out how to lift and balance that Bean. But he's caught up now! In addition, he's figured out how to stay up late at night, since he knows his parents want the kids to read: he keeps begging for more books to be read, even after Molly has given up and gone to sleep. (not the best photo of Micah--sorry. The light was awful. Also, that morning he was scratched by a tree branch at the Botanic Gardens. He loves flowers, it is said.)

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