Friday, September 10, 2010

Listening to Books on Tape again...

...I know I could use an ipod and download from the library; after my walkman wears out, I'll do that. Meanwhile, I just finished a sad but well-presented Tudor-opus by Philippa Gregory: "The Boleyn Inheritance". Really, it's three parallel stories (with three different readers)about Henry's 4rd and 5th wives, Anne of Cleeves and Catherine Howard, with the lesser known stange story of Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford.
Lots of heads rolling; but Hans Holbein the Younger, one of Henry's painters figured into the "Anne of Cleeves" story; I realized I knew little about this artist, so got a book from the library called "Hans Holbein the Younger--Painter at the Court of Henry VIII" Stephanie Buck and Jochen Sanders. The gorgeous book was meant to go with a 2003 exhibit of a large body of Holbein's work. I am reading all the essays about the works; Holbein made intricately accurate sketches of his subjects, then executed the painted portraits from those, I learned. Holbein had the knack of capturing the subjects' very souls in these sketches; many people at Henry's Court had themselves painted to sketched by Holbein.

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