MeatFest Today: The Meander and The Dilemma...

...just over two years ago, MeatFest Modernized due to the birth of Little Alice, granddaughter of the Gardener and Ph.D.; no way was an infant going to DinnerTheatre!
But it was perfect to leave her with the Gents, who included her Dad, Uncles and both GrandFathers. Soon Alice was joined by other grandchildren: Twin Cousins and her new sister, July (blogname). MeatFest is still MeatFest, but the kids get to rough-house all day with their male relatives; a blast for all!
The Dilemma considered above by Hubsy and Ph.D.: The Gardener phoned and asked if I might photo-document MeatFest! I, of course, glad to have a new blog-thread. But how To Maintain The Major Directive Of the MeatFest Manifesto: namely, No Girlz Allowed??


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