Monday, October 3, 2011

Furniture Painting: A Meander...

 I had this little hall table; the usual story: $2.00 at a garage sale in 1982 or similar. I just slapped on some "harvest gold" 1970's paint we happened to have around.... this time I had an inspiration: Colors and patterns of Mackinzie-Childs and this little green console table by Ultimate Accents. And please remember, I haven't even seen a paint brush in 36 years. I sanded, I cleaned, I used my tack cloth, then primed and sanded and cleaned some more. I used my new best friend Martha Stewart's Hummingbird Blue Satin finish for the legs, a Glidden bone white satin on the top. Then I went to town with little bottles of craft paint for the decoration on the edge. Free-hand. My 63 year old hands are a little shakey, I learned. Maybe this will improve with practice?

 I took a big chance and applied a glaze of my own concocting with acrylic medium, a bit of aqua and brown craft paint for a thin wash over the whole thing.  It is drying and curing in the garage, where I won't see it tonight and get discouraged....
I plan to distress it a bit where it seems right. Then a couple of coats of clear satin acrylic finish.

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