Having Trouble Finding Your Local TrainStation??

Molly, Micah and their paternal Grandma (borrowed from Mommy's FB)

Up to your fanny in Weevils and wondering why? I might be able to help. The Twins are growing, as can be seen in this recent photo: they are over 2-1/2 now. Wow! They are learning so many things--among them, the nightly saying of The Lords Prayer, with assistance from their Daddy. Micah has his own way with words, as we've enjoyed before. And The Lord has a sense of humor (having put up with humankind all these years!) So when little Micah--the soul of innocence--implores his Lord to "...lead us not to train stations but deliver us weevils.." what is He to do? Wipe his tears of laughter and get started!


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