Saturday, October 1, 2011

Early October...OK, bring it on...

 ..o no! cat photos again; but this is how I feel--I'm not depressed, but somehow I just want to curl up and snuggle in my quilt, with a cat or two, maybe a hubsy, and maybe read. All summer I've been trying to finish the last of a biographical trilogy on Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. Being a distracted reader, it takes time, but it's wonderfully written...I'm working during the day, of course--but working from home has wonderful advantages.  I'm trying to trim down a bit, doing the SlimFast "1-2-3" plan which seems to be working. Chores, playing around with furniture painting, exercise....That's me, for now. Oh, and silly TV shows. Hubsy is ready to call for medical help when he sees me watching "Fashion Police" or the Beverly Hills Housewives or some "red carpet"...I told him don't worry, it will pass like a virus.

 Outside, it's like this--when the sun comes out. Raggedy butterflies on their tattered wings, getting the last of what's left of the nectar. Pretty, tho. We've had a crazy weather pattern of sprinkling rains on and off for days. I noticed today that the DesPlaines River is nicely swollen, tho we have no reports of flooding. We need the rain, truth be told.

Clouds like this just seem to spontaneously drop a few minutes' worth of light to medium showers. Strange, after the hot, dry-ish late summer. And for the reluctant entertainer / hostess (me), Thanksgiving begins to loom on the horizon; I actually like to have friends and family over for the big dinner, I enjoy seeing everyone. And, if I do say so myself, the dinner is great. I'm finally managing to get everything done when it should be and on the table hot or cold, whichever. Somehow, in Life, you only get to the point where you can accomplish these events about the time your mind, heart and energy begin to fade.

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