I Love Furniture Projects....

...a few weeks back, we had plentiful rains; some were so generous that basements flooded. It's a time honored Chicago-land tradition; all the water soaked furniture gets kicked to the curb. Not even the Amigos take some of it. ( I use the word, since it means "friends"with pick up trucks who take stuff away, informal recyclers). The pile was high at the house across the street, and I found this little stool and two older wooden kitchen chairs. I sanded and primed with BIN Primer. I used the same old "off-white-bone" semi-gloss interior acrylic I used on the Lingerie Chest earlier in the summer. I purchased a whole quart of Martha Stewart Living Hummingbird Blue semi-gloss interior acrylic from 'Depot. (This will be my "go-to" color for a while.) Later in the fall, when it's too cold to work outside, I will paint a design on the seat.


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