Saturday, August 20, 2011

Molly RunsAmuck.... may remember, little Molly has a distinct personality. Her legendary baby scream-fests were feared by grown-ups. As a toddler, her courageous explorations and climbs were a wonder to see. In this recent photo, she helpfully waters the lawn for her Grandma--she's really a sweet little girl.  But, Folks, they've had to dump her in daycare, along with her twin brother. Poor Mommy finally had to go back to work; she's suffered with concern for the kids--and she misses them! (They are the cutest kids).  Micah is rolling with the punches and adjusting, but Molly has provided tearful partings and a scream-filled evening. This morning, the pair was to go with their Daddy to play at the park...they were all ready to go. But the Sky opened up and rained buckets!  Apparently, Molly had enough. She took Toddler-Revenge: waiting till the coast was clear for a moment, she got into her daycare backpack, got her bottle of sunblock (gooey, oily lotion) and vigorously applied it to every upholstered item on the first floor--either ran out of goo or was caught before committing mayhem upstairs! Good thing her parents are professional child educators, both gave funny but stressed accounts, along with crime-scene photos. 

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