Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Portion of the Vicious Midwest Storm...

...that later injured and killed the people in Indy.  The unusual thing was the storm winds and roiling skies materialized instantly; like turning a switch. I thought "great, here goes the power", but we had no loss. There was moderately strong wind and an inch or so of welcome rain--then the storm was on it's way to the southeast.  Very sad.  Will share the photos on SkyWatch Friday.


  1. The storms have been so deadly this year!! Terrific, scary looking captures! Glad you didn't have any damage, Barbara! Hope you have a good, storm-free week!


  2. Oh, these clouds do look very brooding and unfriendly yet they make such gorgeous and interesting photos. So glad no one was hurt in your area, Barb, and that they produced at least a little much needed rain. Their sudden appearance must have been scary and sadly tragic later on.

  3. Yes very scary looking sky. I hope everything is okey at your place.


  4. The entire world has been plagued with unusual and not normal weather. We need rain so badly, but not storms. Your photos turned out nicely.

  5. Nice foto storms, mysterious atmosphére captation, greeting from Belgium


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