Friday, August 26, 2011

Stop Everything!...Vicarious-Thrills Star Sighting from the GardenNextDoor...

...Here at the 'Blog, we know the Gardener well, so here's the story of her great-niece, a slender wisp of a lovely teenage girl whose beauty and range of appearance is advancing her a career as an international fashion model!  Since it's a "family affair", I won't mention her name just yet but will follow her progress.  She reminds me of Jean Shrimpton, super-model of the 1960's, with maybe a dash of Jackie O as well!     For me, it's fun to watch my Gardener Friend discover the tinselly world of pop-culture: she's a Real Scientist by profession, People. She knows about Power Plants and Environmental Issues and Regs & Stuff. Makes my nose bleed.  As a teenager, when I was glued to my next issue of Seventeen, she was acing Chemistry. She does worthy projects for her church, likes classical music, gardens with finesse--a true intellectual, in other words; but So enthusiastic about a recent (international) Vogue magazine, when she showed me her niece's "cover" and a color fashion spread within! (It's about the kids, I'm thrilled for her, too.)

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