Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Long Ride Today...

 ...the weather was perfect: upper 60's with a nice breeze off Lake Michigan. So we did not want to waste the opportunity. Our route took us north to Lake Bluff, using several of the local trails to get there and back.
The wild life sighting of the day was this little painted turtle. He as just starting across the trail....
....I stooped down to get a good close-up. As I walked back to my bike, the turtle heaved up onto the asphalt and hauled a$$ and shell across the trail. Luckily no other traffic was around. When I turned to look back, he almost across....
 It's a long, hot, harsh trail for a little animal.  There once was an interurban rail line here. Now just bikes and peds.
...the turtle disappeared into the underbrush on the way to a cooler, shady marshland area. Today's ride was 48 miles, on asphalt (somewhat easier than crushed limestone). I didn't take enough breaks near the end and got overtired.

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