Monday, June 6, 2011

Blogging a Bike Break....

 ...early on Sunday morning, it appeared it might rain, as it was off in the distance. We're on I-80 heading west toward Joliet...
 ...a typical wooded vista along the Wauponsee Glacial Trail in Will Co. IL. It's mainly crushed limestone and a pretty good surface, except for minor mushy spots....our trip was 42 miles.
 ...a railroad used to be here. As a bike trail, it means you can ride long distances without having to worry about automobile traffic...not a lot of people on the trail today: perhaps 2 dozen bikers, 8 ladies on horseback and a few runners....
 ....just a countryside view from the trail....After seeing the trails in PA, these prairie-field-woods trails aren't as compelling for me. After the adorable towns to explore in MO, ditto.
....Hubsy found this: he calls it an "exterior framed box car" probably retired from rail service in the 1930's. Someone started--but didn't finish--making it into a cabin. Evocative (my favorite word). Hubsy loved the trail and could go back next week; the songbirds were abundant. There were enough clean outhouse-style potties and water available. But no adorable towns to see; no "can't miss" eateries of any kind--pretty grim.

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  1. 42 miles? You go girl! that is amazing! I rode 13.25 the other day & I thought I was hot stuff - LoL.
    I think this trail looks so pretty. I can see why it might not be if you have something better to compare it too but I live on a very crowded island & to me it just looks so peaceful.


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