Sunday, June 5, 2011

FlowerGirl Dance Recital 2.0....

 ...yep. Just pick a hellishly hot day in June, fill a warm school auditorium with family, friends and screaming baby siblings. Dress a hundred or more little- and medium-sized girls in colorful, sparkly, hot and scratchy dance outfits....(they were all precious)....
 FlowerGirl is third from the right in the Jasamine Tea Dance. The show was very good this year.
 ....she is a serious little dance student. She likes her classes and does well. But after the show, it's time to unwind, and she's hot and she's tired and hungry--maybe thirsty too. And she's part goof-ball, so she could not pose properly with her bouquet like a good little ballerina...
....What would you do with this ballerina, Edgar Degas?? What?

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