Sanity-Preservation Project: Completed...

 ...the brown lingerie chest, one of two found on the street, is the "before" picture. Nasty brown paint was practically poured on...
 ...after much machine and hand sanding, priming, more sanding, painting with semi-gloss acrylic, more sanding  to distress it a bit, plus a finish of clear polyurethane, here it is!
...i tried a design on the top by applying green acrylic lightly to actual fern fronds, transfering the design by pressing the fronds onto the wood paint-side-down; then some krafter paint to high-light. (Have to work on that technique :-< )
...and I was shy about distressing the piece too much. It's against my nature, yet I know it creates a nice affect. This new craft-mania's inspired by my favorite "creative-living" blog  My Pink Life!


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