Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Mini-Project, the Next Project and Notes on Summer Reading....

 ...Gardener's Hubsy was tossing  out an old orange crate with remnants of the paper sunkist label on one end. At first ambivalent, eventually I snared it before it was kicked to the curb. Cleaning, light sanding and a clear coat of urethane helped. Standing on end, it's a perfect dress-up for our too-casual (aka "a mess") deck. My Hubs' thinks it might be from the time when they made these crates from redwood.
...You're Next! Likely this is from the 1920-30's. It's got a stamp on the back from Richardson Bros. in WI. That company is now called Richardson Ind. and claims it's the oldest family owned furniture manufacturer in the country. It's an (extended) family heirloom, so if it finishes well, I will give it back to them. And No, I not going to touch that yummy design! It's a child's table, with legs that detach and are stored in the back... this, except it's falling apart.               OK, Summer Reading : I read the book about maroons and castaways thru the section on the early nautical adventurers and explorers, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe, etc. If marooned, the first thing you need to do is find water, shelter, food; this must be done soon since you will weaken quickly in the stressful conditions.      I started reading "The Adventures of Theodore Roosevelt". I am heartily sorry I never discovered this guy before--Why Was I Not Forced To Read TR as a junior at Maine East High School?? What an informative and entertaining writer! Especially if you like to read about nature--right now he's telling me all about stalking prong-horned antelope in the Badlands in the Mid-1880's; it's as if he's written a letter and it happened last week!

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