Saturday, June 16, 2012

Union Terminal

 Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal now restored and adored by a new generation. Read the wiki-link to learn much more about it. They just love fountains and water-features in this city, it's plain to see.

                   If you missed your train, it would not be because there was not clock around.


View of the freight rail yard from the former control room, now a rail relic museum.  What I learned here is that today's kids--like 10 year olds--have no idea how to begin to use an old rotary-dial telephone!! I had no idea! The rail museum had a 1940's style phone, still connected. Kids would look at it as if it were red- hot or contagious! They tried to touch or poke the numbers! They looked in stunned disbelieve when shown how to turn the rotary dial! OK. Now I don't feel so bad about being so slow at using ultra-modern technology. At 3, the first phone I used, you picked up the receiver and told the operator what number you wanted!

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  1. Our Amtrak Cardinal stopped in Cincinnati overnight. We found in Omaha the same situation as in Cincinnati. What was once a bustling station is now a museum because most cities only have two passenger trains a day. Not enough to maintain the beautiful stations built when railroad travel was king.



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