Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aerial Views...

Next time you see a Cincinnati Bengals football game played from home, folks, that's the stadium. The riverfront remix of the past 20 years or so is amazing. What I can remember of the drive from Kentucky to downtown Cincinnati (made as a tiny child, standing in the front seat between adult passengers--it was the safest, you know, since they could throw out their arm to catch you in a sudden stop--no one had seat belts and it's unbelievable that any of us baby-boomers survived childhood) the riverfront was thick with funky old rundown industrial sites and lots of creepy stuff; all filthy with the residue of 150 years of coal burning.

Here's a peek at a corner of the Red's Stadium, nearby. There's the Licking Creek River intersecting with  the Ohio, separating Covington from it's rundown neighbor, Newport.     And yes, I know somehow the blog has turned into a travelog lately; suddenly I have developed the urge to take pictures of buildings and big things.   Especially on a sunny summer day on the observation deck of the Carew Tower.

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