Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Covington, KY...

 Covington, being on the Ohio River at it's junction with the Licking Creek River across from Cincinnati, was a busy place throughout the 19th century as a center for trade and transport. A small city of many old brick buildings, some poised dramatically on hillsides at strange angles. The streets are full of twists and turns and vistas.

Also, the town had a saucy reputation as the local area resort for the ordinary 19th century vices of liquor, loose women and gambling! During the mid-20th century the town was plainly in deep decline with many of the pretty, re-habbed buildings we see today just tumbled down slums. It was sad!

 After a revival that started int he late 1970's, many old structures were saved; now occupied by young workers from Cincinnati, families, upscale businesses and so on. I like the characteristic shape of the rowhouses in both cities.

Here, too, you might peek between the humblest structures and find a wonderful view; this is more common on the high hills of Cincinnati. Views that would cost millions in LA are not expensive at all here---tho you may need to re-hab a property. There is an active Preservationist movement here, no surprise.

The charm of the authentic, antique, weathered, brick street or drive may be one of my favorite things ever. I only wish the sun had shown for this photo!

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