Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Scenes of a Chicago Spring Morning...

 The Quincy Street "L" Stop...restored as the train stops mostly looked in the early 20th Century. If you see a "period" movie about Chicago, most likely you have seen images of this train stop; film crews use the site regularly.

 Tourist and commuter boats parked on the river near the Union Station; here they can pick up commuters for a quick trip up the river to the Michigan Ave. destinations. Otherwise, it's just a long walk. In the early days of Chicago there was--what else? a hog butchery at this site, the river used to dispose of the waste products. I still wouldn't want to touch this water, but it's cleaner than it used to be.

Jackson Blvd. bridge on the Chicago River looking south-east, with a little bit of sun peeking thru to the water.

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