Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's Missing? an opinion, please!

 I didn't get around to "swiping many souls" in Cincinnati. The visit was short, the vistas were prime, but here are a few: at a farmer's market on Mt. Adams a perfect example of how to wear saucy neon color jeans--we saw them in CA last winter, the trend is popping up this summer....

A fortunate looking couple, in their twilight years, near the twilight of the day, near the banks of the Ohio on the Covington side. Pretty skirt, too.

 The Blog-Princess speaks:  This could've been taken anywhere, so I won't say where. And this is not a re-hash of commentary on the obesity problem, or intended to poke ridicule at these ladies. It's these damn "scooters" and "rascal chairs"! For people with genuine physical challenges, handicaps, illnesses, accident victims: Fine--part of the answer. But more and more we notice the situation shown above: the very person who NEEDS to GET UP and MOVE around, is seen riding along in one of these blasted chairs. As taxpayers, we pay for some of these. As a society we help enable those who will not control themselves.

This photo came for Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, in contrast. Silly as the little Pink girl appears, she obviously watches her diet and exercises. Results vary, but People, ya gotta eat your greens and ya gotta move your butt! Thank You.

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