Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rookwood Pottery.....

 The word "iconic" fits, once again. If you like art, or "art deco", or beautiful home decor items, you're probably already familiar with Rookwood Pottery. This building (now used as an upscale restaurant) is the original factory. Since it's on the National Registry of Historic Places, we were able to explore inside a bit, tho the restaurant was not open at the time.  And pardon the phone pole.

The fat stubby brick structure at center is the top one of several kilns used to fire the products, way back when.....

All that is past. Nowadays, you can reserve the kiln rooms for a lunch or dinner party. Near the bar area, they have a kiln set up so anyone who buys a drink can sit among cushions on a circular banquette. When we were here it was early in the day; we thought it might be fun to relax there later, but never made it back.
"Maybe next time".... A couple of small, modest pieces of Rookwood are currently in my care, ready to be past to the next generation.

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