Friday, June 15, 2012

A Nice Long Walk....

Here's one strange photo of the iconic emblem of Cincinnati, The Fountain located near the Carew Tower in--strangely enough--"Fountain Square". Popular meeting and gathering place for more than 125 years; the light was very bright, I could not get a good angle and knew we were not likely returning to the Square this trip. Snap.

I found this for family and friends: The Isaac M. Wise Temple, a venerable landmark dedicated to one of the most notable American Jewish figures of the 19th Century. Photos of the interior on the link. Wow.

Just across the street, the Cincinnati City Hall. It was too large to photograph well: an entire block of several stories of ornate brick, stone, marble, brass and stained glass. This shows just a small section of the central stairwell. Still used as a city hall to this day, too.

An old-time fire station, now used as a museum to preserve old relics of fire fighting from the past.

Our destination: the rail station. It looks like something from Hitler's Wish Book, built in the early 1930's. Wait till you see the inside!! As well as a depot for a few passenger trains, there's a busy freight yard and several museums to visit.

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