Monday, June 11, 2012

From the Kentucky Side of the Ohio River...

Well, yes! I believe I did cut off the top of the Great American Insurance Building! Every good little Cincinnati child knows that you don't exceed the venerable height of our adored Carew Tower. 48 genuine stories, including an observation deck we will visit later, is high enough for any building! Really!  BTW, that's the Great American Ball Park, full of Reds fans--it was eery to hear the roar of the fans from across the river.

 I love the two fishermen walking along the bank--a scene likely repeated here for centuries.

 Gorgeous views of the river and the city and the sunset.  This--or something similar--might be my ideal view from my "rocking chair on the front porch".

A lovely splash of golden Kentucky summer evening sunset-sun.  I was born in Cincinnati, but only lived in the area a few years, twice during early childhood.  Some of the best times I can remember. An evening like this, in summer, I'd be readied-for-bed, then allowed to come back outside in my pajamas--not in an alley of a town, but the lawn of a Northern Kentucky farm yard--to play and catch lightening bugs under the watchful eyes of parents and grandparents as they sat in lawn chairs, enjoying the evening cool.

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