Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Markings of Time...

This relic of more prosperous days now houses a large antique store specializing in rescued architectural features like doors, windows, mantels and other items salvaged from the numous tear-downs over the past decades. Looks like the building itself was an important row of shops and offices--perhaps the 1870's?

Not to long ago, as with most American cities, coal was the heating fuel available. It's interesting to see how it's left it's mark on various buildings. It's a painting, it seems.

Maybe it will become condos or lofts in the next economic boom--I hope we have one--the building is nearby to massive renovation going on in the Over-the-Rhine area. It reminded me of Factory Place in LA.

 I love old stone stairs with the wear patterns of use of many many years. This town is brimming with stuff like this.

And stuff like this! People, this is a sidewalk and it is just one of maybe half-a-dozen sets of stairs it took to get my tired self up to the top; all the way up to Jackson Hill Park. This was the day we walked over 8-miles.

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