Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As Promised, the Tour of the Faery Garden....

...a way to dress up the narrow vacant space between houses. We visited the Faery Garden a year ago with
Alice. That miniature fence is a family heirloom. Our Gardener friend lets her imagination run wild by finding pretty, whimsical toys, figurines and do-dads to arrange among tiny plants, like miniature hostas....'s the aerial view of the enclosed area. I started a Faery Garden among my hostas by my front door and the Gardener was kind enough to give me couple of extra things to start. At the end of that season, I carefully put everything away in a shoe box and then, hid the shoe box from myself! to the fenced garden, the Faeries have a swimming beach made of sand, tiny toys and blue glass beads to represent water. Faeries are easily fooled, apparently. And you can see a couple of the small hostas, too... Enchanted Hallow-- with one of the actual Faeries, caught in the act of enjoying the Garden! This is a great game for Ladies with Grandchildren! Somehow, Mom's seldom have time for stuff like this.

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