Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Driven West on I-80 Past Omaha....?'ve seen these two giant rail engines perched upon a bluff above the highway on your right...good ol' Big Boy and, of course, UP #6900 (known lovingly as "UP #6900"), the largest steam and diesel engines ever...,
 ...well! good news: you can go visit the restored engines for yourself in Kenefick Park, near the Omaha Botanic Garden...
 ...the little boy in the green shirt was just SO into it: he ran ahead of his parents, charging over to each engine, then running back and forth with timeless "little boy train love" was cute..
 dad tried to get a shot of him in front of the engine; the kid was too excited to settle down for the picture... little boy was happy to stand proudly in front of his "engine of choice", the Big Boy. Don't worry, this was not the last train adventure we enjoyed on the trip.

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