Introducing A New Cast Member!

...while vacationing in Michigan last week, Flowergirl's Mommy fell in love with this sweet little dog. Edie was  living with a nice family who have a Bed & Breakfast (where they stayed) and an alpaca farm in the country....
...alas...Well, the dog is never still--a tiny bundle of jet propelled energy--imagine that in a Bed & Breakfast! And apparently, on the alpaca farm, the thimble-size powerhouse thought she should go out and "herd" the alpacas; they might have kicked her into the next township. So she came home to tranquil suburbia to live with the little girl, her hamster HerVhey, her cat Penny (who is mad about this, I hear) and Mom and Dad.


  1. Eden! Oh I do miss her! Hello My name is Elize Kvalvaag I am previous owner (mommy) to Little Ede`! She is very precious! I hope she brings all the joy into her new family's heart as she did mine! I loved her! I pray she shares that love <3 ( I love you Ede`!) :)


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