Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Have a Question...(aka Bloggsy's 2-Cents)

...personally, I'm Not emotionally invested in the Casey Anthony proceedings, but I am aware that  many thousands of people are.  I wonder: how much phone, email and fb time was consumed? how much tv-time was consumed? and how many millions of gallons of strong coffee or chardonnay or vodka was consumed by all the people sitting there, hanging on every word in the trial? Perhaps, for some, it was a mini-boon to their economic prospects---but is this part of the "new normal"??  (Added later) I'd be interested to hear the reasons the jury had for the acquittal on the first three charges; the jurors aren't speaking out publically (understandable for now). I wish I didn't have the uncomfortable feeling that some may sell their stories to the media.   And I promise, that's all I plan to say about this sordid story.  Remember, in the case of OJ Simpson: somehow, the "Real Killer(s)" haven't emerged; while in Illinois, a "cold case" murder of a child 53 years ago was recently solved--a suspect is under arrest.

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