Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh, Good Grief! Hamster Engineering.... you may recall, we have FlowerGirl's hamster visiting for the week. To provide him with the security of a finite universe outside his cage, yet allow for light and air circulation, we draped his cage in a thin filmy cloth that Hubs' uses in gardening. I went in the morning to check on him; I was greeted by this construction project!! Did the little rascal get Stimulus $$'s for this mess? He pulled his drapery thru the cage openings on his 3rd level and dragged it all the way down to his mezzanine and nested in it. He was passed out exhausted from the all-night labor. Laughter slowed my progress in getting the camera!

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I Swore I would Not View Yellowstone Through the Lense of my Camera..

However, I did take a few evocative, misty photos of some bison and early September snow at the Park.