Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lovely Photos of Wonderful Day Lilies to Enjoy....

 ...while I gripe about the latest power outage! As ferocious thunderstorm came thru the Chicago area yesterday morning. In about an hour, it caused record amounts of damage and perhaps 500,000 people were out of electric power. We are back on now, but some still don't have electricity.
...but, once again, I know others have lost so much this year. "Oh, my super-premium ice-cream got soft, wah-wah!"
...the home of the twins, Molly and Micah, was off-line for till this afternoon. Last night was hot; twin toddlers, no AC, no fans, worries about food spoilage. That might be stress!

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Haha--another kind of mask

One of our home grown potatoes seemed to smile at me as it was readied for cook pot.