Friday, July 1, 2011

Inwhich Princess FlowerGirl Says "Yes!" to Michigan....

...her trusty entourage of attendants (aka Parents) shall thus convey her to the other side of the lake. The royal progress will include a week or so of exploring, maybe swimming, finding Princess-worthy attractions and sampling Bed&Breakfast food, maybe see a lighthouse or two.

...we get a chance to bond with HerVhey, the little hampster she got for her birthday. He is a sterling example of a rodent, I must say. Along with his usual food, he will be treated to garden fresh lettuce (he already gobbled a piece) and possibly snap peas. Just now, he is in his own room, secure from the cats (tho I know he can smell them) washing his little pink hands and feet with his little pink tongue. Cute.

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