Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hidden Deep in the Heart of the Country: Heart and Soul.... favorite part of these reunions is that we get to stay with this wonderful family! Part of the core of Hub's group  of friends from school, these two married young and stayed young--now with 4 great-grandchildren!
 ...OK, it's not a great photo, but People It Was 107 real degrees (no heat index foolishness). We Was Hot! The young lady holding the dog is a very lovely one-half of a cute set of teenage twin girls who like to go fast in a bright yellow sportscar: WatchOut, Kansas!

 ...Annie, the rat-terrior likes people, treats, company and hassling rats around the fields of the farm... they know that the old oil drum deep in the back yard is so photogenic? I don't think so....

Shadows and Colors of a Killer Hot Day--(I was so hot by this time that I felt cold!)

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